Punjab Oil Products (M) Sdn Bhd or known as POP Malaysia is a well established organization with business operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Pakistan. POP Malaysia also is integrated with Punjab Oil Products Pvt Ltd as their parent company. POP Malaysia works to build profitable relationship with the customers and offers fair returns to its shareholders, thus contributing in economic development of the countries it operates in.

The vision of POP Malaysia is to become a top international conglomerate with the right business principles, strategy and attitude towards its customers, employees and shareholders.


In late 2013, Punjab Oil Products Sdn Bhd (POP) was incorporated as a private limited company in Malaysia and as a parent company for Punjab Oil Products Pvt Ltd. The company operates from various locations worldwide. Our line of Products and Resources, enables us stand ahead amongst our competitors.

Punjab Oil Product is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, and flexible service to our international and domestic customers. We understand our customers needs and will work hard to provide innovative, creative, and low cost solutions.

Our product line included Soap Products, Oil Fats and Palm Oil By-Products and IT solutions. Any inquiry, feel free to contact  on our marketing official  number +603-61515161 or email us at info@popmalaysia.com.

Our Mission

Punjab Oil Products aims to work responsibly and ethically, and at the same time comply with the applicable health, safety and quality standards. We are also conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities while ensuring the long term sustainability of the company.

Our Vision

The vision of Punjab Oil Products is to become top international conglomerate with the right business principles, strategy and attitude towards  customers, employees and shareholders as well as leading palm oil producer focused on the continuous improvement of productivity.

Our Future

Punjab Oil Products plan to grow and have its operations in various continents. Currently our soap plant is being set and it will be one of the world’s top class soap production as well as palm oil by-product. We ought to continuously provide great services to satisfy our customers worldwide.

Our Products

Our Best Used Cooking Oil

Malaysia is the world leading in Palm Oil Products. Our used cooking oil is the derived from the best chosen waste oil.

Palm by-Product

Soap Noodles are highest demand products

Our company produces consistent high quality soap noodles from 100% palm kernel oil. We supply Soap Noodles, Multi-purpose Soap Noodles and Laundry Soap Noodles.

Soap Product

Refurbished Laptops &  Used Computers

Deals in Branded Computers, LCD’s, Laptops, Servers, Work Stations and all relevant accessories.​

IT Solutions

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